Cocaine Piss – “Piñacolalove”

Cocaine Piss – “Piñacolalove” EP (Hypertension Records)

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A new punk noise band from Flanders fields in Belgium, the delectably titled Cocaine Piss certainly live up to their name with shit heavy bass, out of control feedback induced guitar but most of all, the wailing crescendo vocals of Aurelie, who sounds like she’s just broken out of the local funny farm short of her meds – I mean, totally off the wall ha ha! Already releasing their debut “The Dancer” less than 9 months ago, along with 100+ shows across Europe including playing the Dour, Groezrock, Pukkelpop, and Zwarte Cross festivals, it seems there will be no escaping Cocaine Piss this year! Simply raging but also writing some cool catchy songs in ‘Treehouse’, ‘Candy’ and ‘Inner Unicorn’, it’s clear there’s been some talented composing and musicianship developed in their worn down squat in eastern France – certainly strong enough to attract the names of Ben Phillips (Gallows, Slaves) for the recording of this 5 tracker (+ 3 bonus alt mixes from the band themselves) EP, along with Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon) mastering. In many ways reminding me of early punk noise bands like Silverfish who mixed melody with menace beautifully, the vocals of Aurelie really add the extra dimension here, probably inspired by Beki Bondage, but totally off key and amped up to the extreme. A wild, anarchic slay ride but equally graced with panache!

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