CODE “Augur Nox”

“Augur Nox”
OK, this is another of those names that I’ve seen around a while now but haven’t really heard that in-depth really. So I don’t really know that expect from this. I got a gut feeling that tells me that this could be on the more avantgarde of things. I think I have an album by this Norwegian lot stuffed away in some dark corner of my flat. But that must have been an awful lot of years ago. Can’t remember what I thought of them back then. This is a bit weirder that Arcturus on a remix mission. There is a spacey feel to this but at the same time a very accessible aura. If you like me totally adore Arcturus and can’t get enough of them this will be right up your alley. Another weird but wonderful Norwegian metal act that transcends all boundaries. Anders Ekdahl

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