Sounding like the thrashed bastard child of early Queens Of The Stoneage tanked up on a case of whisky, CodeJak are here to blow the cobwebs away and rattle your ear drums into submission with their own stamp of boisterous Alco-Rock. The band release their debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’ through Ghoulish Records/PHD on Monday 19th November.

Encouraged by the likes of AC/DC, Therapy?, and The Foo Fighters, CodeJak loosely sit within the ranks of edgy alternative fuelled punk-rock with their robust and alluring angular sound. Yet their ability to dextrously manipulate melody and twisted riffery serves to set them apart from the pack.

Since 2009, CodeJak have been touring extensively throughout the UK and have shared stages alongside an array of varied artists such as: The Buzzcocks, The Selector, and Sham 69, as well as supporting Chris Jericho’s Fozzy throughout the whole of the UK and mainland Europe. The Alt-Rockers are now also well established throughout the tattoo convention circuit, performing at The International London Tattoo Convention, Tattoo Jam, and at a number of festivals throughout the country. Furthering the band’s growth, in 2010 the North-West Alternate nuts released their debut EP “Hell Yeah” to widespread critical acclaim, securing praise from national press, radio, and TV spots.

During the early part of 2012, CodeJak laid siege in the studio and nailed down eleven tracks which have formed their thunderous debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’. Right from the off, the records swings from the muscular gritty beatings of ‘The Ballad Of Jenny G’, to the rock ’n’ roll sleazy crusty cool of ‘Hell Yeah’, and back again to the intoxicating and spiky ‘Falling Back From Grace’. These Northern rogues have thrown down a monstrous beast of a debut and it warrants your attention.

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