Coffins – “Craving To Eternal Slumber”


Coffins – “Craving To Eternal Slumber” (Hammerheart Records)

There’s Japanese metal….and there’s Coffins. Formed in the mid 90s, they remain one of the backbones of extreme metal in Nippon, being steadfast purveyors in doom death heavily influenced by bands like Autopsy or Asphyx as well as a fair amount of doom crust punk. Dirty, heavy guitars droned in feedback conspire with massive, steroided bass and demolition heavy drums to make even Fukushima seem like a storm in a teacup on shit heavy tracks like ‘Tyrant’, ‘Stairway To Torment’ and ‘Hatred Storm’, threatening to turn Nippon into a nuclear wasteland. Godzilla eat your heart out! With Tokita’s depressing death spasm drawls and primeval grunts putting the sealing touches of decay on this soul destroying release, Coffins under the hand of death of drummer turned guitarist Bungo Uchino remain one of the most formidable acts in the land of the rising sun!

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