Coilguns / Kunz – “Coilguns And Kunz”

Coilguns / Kunz
“Coilguns And Kunz” Split CD
(Pelagic Records)

Doh, I actually put this aside when the CD dropped outta the folded paper thinking it was yet another garage demo – until I discovered it was the limited edition home/handmade split CD available exclusively during the Hypersleep Dialogue Trek US tour! Limited to 450 copies, with each one hand numbered (mine is 36) in 2 color silk-screen printed hand-made packaging draw by Polish artist Dawid M. Piprek with serigraphy by Out Of Gas in Switzerland – sounds like almost a work or art than a musical opus LOL! Coilguns are essentially a noise core band with smashing drums, chopping guitars mit experimental riffs and throat in glass vocals on their 3 tracks like ‘Mastoid’ which liken them to The Dillinger Escape Plan. Kunz are even more noisy and that comes as hardly a surprise given they are made up of The Ocean’s rhythm section i.e. Louis Jacker and Luc Hess. As such they are far more disturbing with an avante garde sound made up of visceral vocals, raw guitars, off the wall drumming and serious cymbal fetishes on their 4 tracks like ‘Flush’ or ‘Flow’. The whole sound has an almost deliberately poor mix perversely adding to its underground groove – anymore primitive and they should consider moving into Tom Warrior’s basement. Thanks to Coilguns And Kunz I will no longer associate Switzerland with lovely chocolate, natural beauty and pristine cleanliness…!

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