COILGUNS / NVRVD (Never Void) “Split”

(Dead Dead Dead Music / Invektiv Records / Savour Your Scene Records / Hummus Records)
Coilguns? Can’t say that I’m that excited about the name. NVRVD? Not so much either. But as always you shouldn’t judge the band by its name. This could turn out to be one of the greatest releases of 2012. You’ll only know once you’ve lent it an ear or two. Which is what I’ll be doing. Hopefully they’ll give me back my ears. But thankfully these two bands are much more exciting musically than what their names might indicate. This is some sort of post metal/hardcore that I’m not that familiar with. But I’m game for anything once and this is kinda cool in all its chaos. I can see myself listening to this in the future too. I can see how this will work on 10” vinyl disc if they split the sides between the bands. Awesome might not be the right word but somewhere close to that word is where I’m at right now. Anders Ekdahl

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