Coilguns – “Stadia Rods”

Coilguns – “Stadia Rods” EP (Dead Dead Dead Music)

When another handmade Piprek artworked CD arrived, I knew this could only be from Coilguns, whose eclectic fusion of noise, industrial and post hardcore delivers a sonic barrage as powerful as a full on avalanche down the north face of the Eiger! When I first heard their split release with Kunz (their sister band), my immediate thoughts were of comparisons to the Dillinger Escape Plan and likewise The Ocean, unsurprising given that the guys also played there too! However, I’m highly pleased to say that “Stadia Rods” is a step back from the brink, not quite as off the wall as DEP, and even with black metallic tinges which gives songs like ‘Zoetropist, ‘In The Limelights’ and ‘Witness The Kern Arc’ a more palatable structure, and dare I say it, catchiness. Of course, to the uninitiated, it’s still a veritable wall of noise, but then so is a watch, unless it’s made in Switzerland.

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