COLD COLOURS “Cold Colours”

”Cold Colours”
(Sleaszy Rider)
I have to admit that there is a charm to only using cold colours when you paint (not that I paint at all). As much as I like the warmer colours the cold ones bring out a certain sense of melancholy that I like. I hope that the band COLD COLOURS has that same stroke of melancholy. OK, so I’ve missed the previous three album by this one-man-project but that won’t stop me from diving head first into this new one. I know that there is nothing like a USBM thing but if I were to place this in a genre it would be that one. This reminds me of stuff like Wolves In The Throne Room and all other Cascadian/USBM acts that I’ve heard in the last couple of years. This mixes a lot of different metal genres like goth and prog and whatever you can think of but as with so many other cool acts this one-man-project manages to keep it all together. This one turned out to be quite interesting and not at all as shabby as I feared. Anders Ekdahl

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