Cold Feet Control – “Tales Of The Brokenhearted”

Cold Feet Control – “Tales Of The Brokenhearted” EP (Inverse Records)

Flying in the face of classifying metal into categories, Finland’s Cold Feet Control mix it up big time to produce a hard but modern sound on this second EP in their short but eventful career! Based on a metal core sound Cold Feet Control add in some very cool indie guitar breaks to match those harsh rhythms and likewise, soulful pop harmonies to match the trademark gruff vocals. Played with precision tightness, their further use of electronics to either add soft ambiance or increase the tempo into a dance like groove on songs like ‘Imagination’, ‘Bridges Burned’ and ‘Walls Between Us’, certainly shows that Cold Feet Control have plenty of promise in the spice they bring to much of today’s mundane world of music!

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