Cold Rush – “Disclosing The Vicious Seeds”

Cold Rush – “Disclosing The Vicious Seeds” Maxi CD (Rock N Growl)

Despite the deathlike title, Munich’s Cold Rush are in fact, an electro goth band sorta following in the tradition of fellow Germans Rammstein or Stahlmann. Baritone vocals, funky electronics and a heavy beat define songs like ‘Daily Crime’ and ‘White Z’ although I haveta say they are the most metal I’ve heard so far, probably cos of their liberal use of double bass drumming and that the vocals do alternate into raw, hardcore style. Although I found it an interesting combination, the issue as always is where it fits especially when I picture a latex clad mascara nightwalker in 8 inch stiletto heels (so that’s what you do after Battlehelm? Ed) trying to groove when the drummer goes berserk on his kick drums LOL!

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