(Czar Of Bullets)

Battle Helm Rating

Swiss black metal might not be the most common thing in my collection but it has one of the most prominent places thanks to Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. And with the passing of Martin Eric Ain not so long ago it is with a bit of reluctance I take on this album from COLDCELL. But at the same time I feel a great honour to be able to sit here and listen to a new generation of Swiss black metal purveyors. COLDCELL, deliberately or not, carry on the legacy of Celtic Frost in that they are not your A to B black metal attack. This is so much more cerebral than that. That it is being described as atmospheric is not too far off the map. In a way this makes me think of how intrigued I was by Celtic Frost’s “To Mega Therion” and especially “Into The Pandemonium”. If you like modern day Satyricon with a depressive twist you’ll like this. Anders Ekdahl

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