COLDWORKER “The Doomsayer’s Call”

“The Doomsayer’s Call”
I was late in discovering Nasum. It wasn’t until everybody raved enormously about them that I got the whole hype thing. The same can be said about Coldworker. I’ve known of them for some time now but I’ve never bothered to check them out. For no apparent reason other than lack of time I guess. With a new album out now there is no better time than now to actually get acquainted with them. Where Nasum were grindcore Coldworker are allegedly more death metal oriented. There is a touch of grindcore to this but for most part it is very aggressive death metal full of blast beats. Maybe not what I had expected but hey, I’m flexible enough to adjust my likings to fit Coldworker too. This turned out to be as good as it possibly could have been. Makes me wonder why I’ve waited for so long to check out Coldworker. Anders Ekdahl

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