COLLECTOR “Liberation’s Fall”

”Liberation’s Fall”

Battle Helm Rating

This Boston, MA based band have some really cool guests on their debut album. Vicky from The Agonist, Chris Broderick from Act of Defiance and the late great Warrel Dane. I have no idea how they managed to get all these people to guest on their album but it sure does make it a cool piece. But no matter who guests on your album, if the music isn’t any good you have nothing. This is good. I am not totally clear on where to place it on the metal map. It seems to move between good old heavy metal to some sort of modern metal with both growls and clean vocals. But it is all done so well that I have no issues with it. There is such a variation on this album that I can be nothing but impressed by it. This is one really strong album, debut or not. Anders Ekdahl

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