Collisions – “Believe In This”

Collisions – “Believe In This” EP (

Fresh offa tour with Hed(pe) comes Collisions, who mix electro metal with DnB (drums n bass) to create a fiery fusion of agit rock highly reminiscent of bands like Senser. Against this heavy dub beat comes Olly’s street ragga raps, with the electronics adding a calming groove thru some cool melodies and overlays. With a matching in-yo-face production, songs like ‘Fire Fire’, ‘Push’ and ‘Chasing Forms’ leap out at you and one can only imagine what Collisions are like live cos man, are they heaving like one big rave! Infectiously addictive thru their no holds barred energy and funky but punky grooves, look out for Collisions, cos they look to headin to tha big time, big style.

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