COLONIST ”Songs Of The Machine”

”Songs Of The Machine”

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Finnish prog is not something that I come upon very often. Mostly it is death or black metal that comes my way from Finland but as long as it isn’t humpahumpa that drops in on me I am open for anything Finnish. And as I am certain that this isn’t Finnish Tango I will embrace it with open arms. This is not Tango. For some reason I come to think of Tool when I listen to this. Much more metal but still with that dramatic Tool touch. I had no idea what this was going to be but it turned out to knock me out totally. This is some of the greatest Finnish metal I have heard in a while, and I have heard a lot. This is the kind of release that puts a big fucking grin on my face that is almost impossible to wipe off. It is moments like this that makes me appreciate what I do for a hobby. Anders Ekdahl

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