COLTSBLOOD “Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness”

“Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness”
(Black Bow Records /Candlelight)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a rerelease on vinyl of COLTSBLOOD’s 2017 album. As I missed out on it in 2017 I thought it time to rectify that now. This is yet another British sludge/doom metal act. Something that strengthens my belief that sludge is originally a British invention. This is heavy and slow the way I imagine sludge to be. You know that dirty, almost gritty sound that that feels like it just climbed outta a coalmine. This drags along like the end of the world has come. For it to burst into pockets of unrelentless mayhem. This is what I associate sludge with. Anders Ekdahl

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