Coma Divine – “Dead End Circle”

Coma Divine
“Dead End Circle”
(SPV / Oblivion)

This is the latest symphonic and gothic rock creation from regarded dance, art and vocal talent Sonja Kraushofer, who is well known for singing in L’Ame Immortelle and Persephone. But this band is different. Right from the album cover of a burned out child’s doll to the West Coast nu metal meets electro goth sound complemented by the band’s own post apocalyptic look (straight outta ‘The Crow’), they sorta remind me of Coal Chamber when I first heard the upbeat opener ‘Burn Sister’, to the bass end heavy ‘About A Girl’. But elsewhere like on ‘Secret Lover’ it’s pretty much straight goth rock a la The Mission or the brooding emotional epic ‘Praise The Fallen’, complete with cellos and violins. Sure to appeal to zillions of tennie goth chicks with mascara running, mebbe there’ll be a few guys in there too LOL!

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