Coma – “Don’t Set Your Dogs On Me”

Coma – “Don’t Set Your Dogs On Me” (Edel/earMUSIC)

Coma are the biggest commercial rock band in Poland, having sold platinum albums, won numerous awards and played 100s of shows over the last few years. Despite their bleak name, which emanates from their hard early beginnings in the late 90s from the abandoned city of Lodz, Coma play a surprisingly energized and uplifting modern rock mixing the trippy vocals of Eddie Vedder and at times an aggressive jumped up beat akin to Rage Against The Machine! Elsewhere, they mix it up Linkin Park style with moving soft passages and deep melodies on songs like ‘When The Music Is A Flame’, ‘Lion’ and ‘Always Summer’. There’s certainly plenty of appealing variety here and it’s executed well enough to befit their gargantuan stature – not bad coming from a band that was initially passed over by every Polish label – and now with growing popularity in France and Germany are largely being seen as a ‘recession proof’ inspiration that talented dreamers can rise outta the ashes of economic bleakness to make it to the big time!

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