COMANIAC ”Instruction For Destruction”

”Instruction For Destruction”

Battle Helm Rating

This bands name brings up feelings of old school thrash. The kind that was played in the 80s by the likes of Anthrax and Megadeth. I really hope that this will be in that school. But there is something about this as a whole that supports my expectations. This turned out to be everything I had hoped for. This is thrash along the lines of classic Megadeth. Technical but not too technical in a Watchtower kinda way. Melodic but not too melodic to loose the metalheads. This is the kind of metal that has a wide appeal to fans of both thrash and power metal. In a way it made me think of Powermad’s 1989 debut albu, but only so much better. Really cool melodic thrash metal. Anders Ekdahl

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