Come Taste The Band – “Reignition”

Come Taste The Band – “Reignition” (AOR Heaven) 
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With their origins going back the late 90s as an acclaimed Deep Purple tribute band, playing hundreds of concerts throughout Scandinavia, Come Taste The Band have unsurprisingly been involved in collaborations with Glenn Hughes, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, Bernie Marsden and Norwegian singer Jorn Lande. After celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2017, guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin sat down with vocalist Doogie White (Rainbow/Michael Schenker) to write new material resulting in this amazing album, featuring not just White handling lead vocals for 6 of the 8 tracks, but Joe Lynn Turner singing on the remaining two. Listening to “Reignition”, it’s pretty clear why such legendary names are involved with Come Taste The Band, because they play classic hard rock that’s so true to the 1970s, you could almost be listening to “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll” or “Burn” – it’s really that damn good! Along with its warm but vibrant sound courtesy of Leif Johansen (Phenomena/21 Guns/A-ha), songs like the funky ‘Under Your Skin’ resonate all the authentic 70s grooves through Kaasin’s teasing guitar and Ståle Naas’s slapping bass while Svenne Jansson’s brimming keyboards along with White’s soul makes this nothing short of a classic number. With Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen’s organ overflowing in fine Rainbow style, Joe Lynn Turner turns on his oh so stylish rocking vocals on the massively catchy ‘Tied Down’, backed by no less than 2 background singers pumping the harmonies before Kassin and Knutsen each indulge in uplifting solos that take this number to the max – yeah, the feelgood factor on this one is supreme! If moving ballads are what you want, then White brings it on so movingly on the tender ‘So Long Old Friend’ with its emotional organ and heartbreaking guitar that long resonate in your ears, proving how adept Come Taste The Band are in handling the full range of material. Indeed, this is a more than enticing offer to savour the brilliance of this band!
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