Communion – “The Communion”

Communion – “The Communion” (Hells Headbangers)

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Black / death mayhem from Chile! Staunchly DIY and rejecting even the most commonly respected beliefs in the extreme metal scene(s), Communion are one of the most underground bands in South America. Over the course of a decade, they have built up a myriad of true singles – each one unique – either self-released or released through vocalist/bassist Deathmessiah’s Proselytism label. Having already issued a definitive debut in “At The Announcement”, now comes the diabolical sophomore in this 9 track beast that takes right from the days of old school black / death – with its roots in heavy metal – complete with bullet belts n shredded leather trousers! With an aptly fiendish sound recorded in some hellish crypt undoubtedly covered in blood, prepare for hateful vocals that are more like insane incantations along with bile inducing puking, ultra raw destructive guitar that goes OTT wild on those solos when the speed button gets hit – and a drummer that only knows double bass propulsion! Adopting the loose and twanging bass approach of Cronos, Deathmessiah leads the senseless slaughter on interesting ditties like ‘Bloody Butcher’, ‘Witching Thrust’ and ‘Funeral Of Mercy’ although the real point here is that it’s all catchy and memorable with just the right melodies and amazing arrangements (not to mention the tight musicianship) to have this album reeking not just of underground extremity but equally (and dare I say it) – class. If you are looking for a true underground album or even a first time venturer into the pit of hell and damnation, then “The Communion” serves it up both bountifully and beautifully.

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