Compilation Metal Carnage – “Metal Carnage Volume 1”

metal carnage

Compilation Metal Carnage – “Metal Carnage Volume 1” (

Quebec rocks! Well if you didn’t know that then this compilation of the province’s best underground bands will no doubt have you convinced. Sixteen tracks in all encompassing pretty much every genre in the metal spectrum, along with an exclusive track as a result of an all star band put together. The collaboration of Ondes Chocs (media), Jaune Prodz (promoters) and Silver Wings Studios, this FREE album is an excellent way to promote this up and coming scene. Best of all, every band here really represents the best of its genre and I have say the standard is very high indeed, along with the production so clearly there is plenty of pride as well as talent in the Quebec scene! The standout bands for me were the female fronted Karkaos, who play epic melodic metal and Nightmare After Dawn who’s style is similar to that of Children Of Bodom and also use accordions to give a folk-ish feel to their sound. In contrast came the chopping thrash core of Born Broken on ‘Anger Of The Day’, which was like a fusion of Blood For Blood and Pantera – can’t go wrong there mes amis! All in all a very inspirational release indeed proving that when the music meets the business, metal meets its place so roll on Volume 2!

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