Conan – “Blood Eagle”


Conan – “Blood Eagle” (Napalm Records)

These are the guys everyone’s talking about and will be playing a number of high profile European summer festivals including Holland’s Roadburn, France’s Hellfest, Germany’s Doom Over Leipzig before journeying to Australia later this year! Conan are as mighty as their name suggests, playing heavy stoner doom noise featuring dual primeval roaring / trippy harmony vocals mixed into slow, feedback fuzzed smogged out guitars and dull, stone age drums that own more to pagan ritual that any form of modern civilization. Conan’s lure is to take us back to the land that time forgot and indeed, it actually sounds like the band are separated by vast distances with the vocals hauntingly echoed across a wind swept valley while the drums thunder like avalanches in distant mountains, such is their effect on bludgeoning tracks like ‘Horns For Teeth’, ‘Crown Of Talons’ and ‘Gravity Chasm’. Definitely not for the faint hearted, Conan’s intimidating style befits their sophomore’s title – that of having one’s ribs cut from the spine before being splayed outward and having your lungs pulled outta your back – while alive! If your stomach is able to handle their primordial decibel abuse then prepare for the next generation of English noise merchants on this monolithic, yet utterly mesmerizing album.

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