Conan – “Man Is Myth – Early Demos”

Conan – “Man Is Myth – Early Demos” (Napalm Records)

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Well, it ain’t the sound of The Beatles! Also hailing from Liverpool comes the ‘caveman battle doom metal’ trio of the aptly named Conan. Since their inception just over a decade ago, they’ve released an impressive 3 studio albums, 2 live albums, several EPs and split releases, not to mention clocked in more touring miles than a breakdown recovery vehicle ha ha. With another album imminent and yet another European tour already bested, it’s easy to see why there’s such a demand for this crushing power trio. Think mammoth, nay colossal reverb drenched riffs melded with distorted bass and massive powering drums laced with generous amounts of feedback all delivered at slo-mo crushing pace, naturally allowing the body and mind to absorb the huge amounts of energy being generated here. “Man Is Myth – Early Demos” speaks for itself in being a 7 song collection of rehearsal room and studio demos of tracks already known to the legions like ‘Foehammer’ and ‘Satsumo’ but even more raw and dirty as if the band were playing right in front of you – with the possible exception of Jon Davis, who sounds like he’s screaming from a tower block across the road! The cherry on the cake is the previously unreleased gigantic 15 minute beast of ‘Domed Iron Boss’ which speaks for itself as more doom droning insanity. Intended by the band as a humble look back on their past to give the listener an idea of where they came from, “Man Is Myth – Early Demos” is an even more hardcore offering to what makes Conan already comfortably fit into the ‘extreme’ category.

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