Conan – “Revengeance”


Conan – “Revengeance” (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Conan have made sludge noise fashionable again. For real men with balding heads and middle age paunches, Conan is the walrus heavy power trio that gives them a chance to lie to their wives while they sneak off to gigs to go caveman ape shit stomping to a primordial trance like sound that is as heavy as a black hole farting. Massive, distorted droning guitars, doubly distorted filthy bass and huge, smashing drums define the musclebound warrior sound that is aptly named Conan. Formed in the bleak, crime ridden Mersey area of England with an utterly grim and menacing sound to match, the cruel yet subtle grooves n hooks will soon find you insanely headbanging to the hammer smashed heaviness of ‘Earthenguard’, ‘Throne Of Fire’ and ‘Every Man Is An Enemy’. Now onto his second cohort of bassists and drummers – guess the others just melted away – is founder guitarist Jon Davis, whose almost hypnotic storm wailing vocals add the final touch to decimate yet again on this third slab of monolithic noise. No frills, no fear, and no hope, Conan are back and yeah, they’ve all got that unassuming serial killer look….

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