CONCEPTION “State Of Deception”

“State Of Deception”
(Conception Sound Factory)

Battle Helm Rating

I cannot remember if I have ever heard a full CONCEPTION album prior to this one but I know that I have been aware of this Norwegian lot for a long time, even though they have been in hibernation for a while. For some reason I have high hopes for this album to really blow me away. I know of singer Roy Khan from Kamelot and Ingar Amlien from Crest Of Darkness but upon hearing this comeback album I realize that I must have dreamt ever having heard CONCEPTION. This is progressive metal in all its glory. You gotta have the patience to sit down and actually take this in to fully get it and enjoy it. I am not the most patient person in the world, but even now and then I do wind down and actually let my mind rest and just enjoy things. And this is one of those albums that I have taken time to sit down and listen to. As with Queensryche I am not totally sure what I think about CONCEPTION. I guess it all depends on what kind of day I have. But one thing I am sure about, this is an album that will grow on me the more time I spend with it. Anders Ekdahl

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