CONCLUSION OF AN AGE ”Captains And Kings”

”Captains And Kings”
(Dr Music Records)

Battle Helm Rating

My sister keeps telling me to check out acts like Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium and I just keep refusing. I guess I should cave in and give them a chance because so many new bands are being influenced by them. Germany’s CONCLUSION OF AN AGE being one. But I have an inherent resistance to the tag modern metal. Because when I listen to this I just hear old NWOBHM bands. The way I do when I have heard a Trivium track or two. I don’t hear anything modern in that. But I have to admit that this German band aren’t too shabby. There is a quality to this that appeals to me. And I will gladly keep checking them out to see where they might be going. Anders Ekdahl

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