Concrete Winds – “Primitive Force”

Concrete Winds – “Primitive Force” (Sepulchral Voice Records)
Battle Helm Rating
If you like your death metal to sound like the onslaught of war, then “Primitive Force” is certainly a fitting declaration! Formed from the ashes of Finnish band Vorum, who in their time put out 2 releases and twice toured Europe, Concrete Winds is the next incantation, blooded in death and wailing in punk noise insanity. Fuelled from the burning embers of Venom, Possessed, and Sarcofago, Concrete Winds stoke it up further on this nasty 9 tracker, recorded almost as a live album with some songs presented by the bile gut vocals drawls, cemented further by sledgehammer thudding drums, stone grinder guitar and artillery barrage bass. A clear epitome to musical violence, what makes “Primitive Force” truly admirable however, are the catchy grooves and hooks, all arranged to perfection amid the maelstrom to truly captivate and impress on this memorable rough diamond. From the title track ‘Primitive Force’, the tremolo wails alongside grinding riffs and screaming breaks form the pit of insanity over which dry screams haunt before tribal blast beats pound your brains out’ve your ears – beautiful. On ‘Dissident Mutilator’ the rolling double bass drum beats inject more groove to draw you in even more before the insane vocals and dirty, speeding guitars add their own slick touch the primitive possession. Final track ‘Death Transmission’ may be the longest track here at just over 4 minutes, but it doesn’t stop the band squeezing every bit into the song from the blast beats going into overdrive to shredding levels of evil black riffing, offset brilliantly by slower tempos to ram the horror home to even great effect, and not forgetting another massive tribal groove to drive every audial aspect to the maximum. Vorum may be dead, but long live Concrete Winds!
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