CONFESS “Burn’Em All”

“Burn’Em All”
(Street Symphonies)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that I am a great sleaze/glam connoisseur is to stretch the truth very far. I can tolerate it and even like some. But if I am to like sleaze/glam it has to have some sort of grittiness to it. Not knowing anything about Sweden’s CONFESS I really hope that this will have that grittiness that I look for. The album cover do look promising so I have all the faith in that the band will deliver the goods. I did not catch on to the sleaze fest that went on in the 00s with bands like Crazy Lixx, CrashDiet and the likes. And I will not be an all out glam/sleaze fan after having heard this album. Not because it is a bad album, because it isn’t. I really like this. Melodic and singalong-ish songs that really puts a smile on my face. This makes me think back to the 80s and the sleaze/hardrock bands of that era. I dig this. Anders Ekdahl

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