CONFESSION “The long Way Home”

“The Long Way Home”
(LifeForce Records)
I can’t say that I can identify with the hardcore aesthetic of young men with no shirts on. That to me is way too much testosterone. I can on the other hand indentify with the bleak and no future/no hope picture that many hardcore acts paint. I can emphasize with the feeling of being trapped in the treadmill, just going round and never getting anywhere forward. Australian Confession are new to me but I like what I hear even if there are tendencies of modern metalcore in their sound. I could have done without that and gone more for a full on attack. I like my hardcore to be straight to the point, with no fussing about. Confession might be a bit too tricky for my taste (is it Meshuggah I hear in their mix too?) to get two thumps up. I’ll give them one to start with and keep the other floating. Maybe this will grow on me. Anders Ekdahl

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