CONJONCTIVE “In The Mouth Of The Devil”

“In The Mouth Of The Devil”
(Tenacity Music)

Battle Helm Rating

For some odd reason I am looking forward to dissect this release. I do not know why because I have never ever heard of them. This is a totally new band to me yet I feel strangely compelled to check them out. And for that reason alone I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty digging through this release. That Meshuggah have changed the map of metal for all time is a fact. I don’t think a band like CONJONCTIVE would have existed in this form without the presence of Meshuggah. This is tech death metal. I like the fact that there are two vocalists, male and female and that both growls. I was right in expecting this to be something more. My gut instinct was right again. This is heavy yet very accessible. Not as tech as I feared to begin with. Anders Ekdahl

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