CONTRA “Deny Everything”

“Deny Everything”
(Robust Fellow)

Battle Helm Rating

A long and intricate band name can be cool but is most often just a pain in the butt to remember. Like the Japanese grindcore band Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation. The name is cool as fuck but try to remember it. It ain’t that easy. CONTRA on the other hand is short and to the point. It is easy to remember. Robust Fellow is a label that I have only recently discovered but the stuff I have heard has all been top notch. CONTRA are no exceptions. This is stoner rock with a punky edge. Not the usually laid back, take the day as it comes kinda stuff you come to expect from stoner. This is cool in its fuzzed out way. Along with Twin Earth, Robust Fellow has become my go to labels for some the cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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