Coralspin – “Honey And Lava”

Coralspin – “Honey And Lava” (Altrospire Records)

This is the mellow prog band that’s turning heads this side of the Atlantic. This Brit trio are fronted by Kate Bush inspired voice major Ellie Blythe, who brings an interesting classical / operatic (as well as feminine) dimension to Blake McQueen’s Yes inspired keyboards and Jake Simmons’s Rush like guitarwork. It’s all very ethereal in its sound, which was recorded in Blake’s own studio so I’m guessing Ellie must be the ‘lava’ in this group lol! Still, the musicianship is outstanding on songs like ‘Sons Of The Sleeping Giant’, ‘Sky’s End’ and ‘Songbird’ that reflect quintessential English quaintness as well as embody the legacy of 70s hippie prog spirit on this rich and very smooth album.

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