“The meeting Point”
Just as I’m not a great fan of compilations I’m no advocate for split albums (unless they are split on different records). But I’ll give anything one chance. You never k now what you’ll find. This split with two French post rock acts could turn out to be a minor gold mine. I am not the hugest Radiohead fan but I can appreciate music that is borderline. Which is why I have no problem liking music that is not just metal or hardcore or hardrock. So let us start with VOLTE FACE. Somehow I get the feeling that this band is moving in the same circles as Isis. It is very atmospheric and cinematic. They paint with the wide brush. And seeing as I like to be taken on a journey by music I have nothing against that. CORBEAUX on the other hand… aren’t that different. This is also very dreamlike music similar to that of Isis and its likes. Listening to this split I get a Chris Marker ( a French film maker) feeling. And seeing as I like what Mr Marker does I have no problem liking this too. Anders Ekdahl

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