CORNERSTONE “Somewhere In America”

“Somewhere In America”
(Atom Records)
Everything about this album screams America. Yet I’m not too sure that they’ll break big in America. Don’t get me wrong. Cornerstone are not bad but they don’t seem that conformist too make it big on radio in the US. What struck me the first time was how much the first track made me think of Jingo De Lunch. An old German band with an American vocalist that sprung from the Berlin hardcore scene but transformed into more of a groovy hardrock band. Kinda like the journey Corrosion Of Conformity did. But that was only the first track. The rest is made up of AOR stricken hardrock/rock. I stand by my first assessment; Cornerstone have too much identity for the watered-down US airwaves. That apart I really hope that they make it big in America. I found this to be quite enjoyable. Anders Ekdahl

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