CORONATUS “Terra Incognita”

“Terra Incognita”
If my memory serves me right there’s is more of a thrash metal feel to this album than on previous albums. I like it. It gives an added edge to the whole thing. Other than that everything else is business as usual. Coronatus have two female vocalists and no one is a growler. I like that too. It gives another edge to the music where you can do dual vocals in different range and still keep it melodic. I wouldn’t label Coronatus as goth metal. There is a gothic touch to the music but like I stated to begin with there is more of a thrash metal feel á la Overkill or Anthrax to the new material. With every new album I’ve grown a bit fonder of Coronatus. This new album improves on that feeling. Coronatus doesn’t sound like any other metal band and that is a great thing. Anders Ekdahl

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