Corroosion – “Dirt Awareness”

Corroosion – “Dirt Awareness” (Rising Records)

This impressive Italian deathcore band last appeared in 2010 with their release “Punish The Mind” and 2 years on, “Dirt Awareness” continues their ascent characterized by heavy Machine Head style dervish riffs, pounding rhythms and AnD’s hoarse, brutal vocals which also incorporate Six Feet Under shrills and other ‘FX’! Once again, Corroosion have made the correct decision to go for quality production, this time with Fredrik Nordstrom at Fredman Studios (At The Gates, Job For a Cowboy, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames etc), who has enhanced their brutal sound to bombastic yet professional levels on songs like ‘And The Rise Of Nothing’, ‘Kaos In Me’ and ‘Falena’. Whilst 2011 was spent touring with the likes of Bleed From Within and Trigger The Bloodshed, I certainly hope that “Dirt Awareness” gives these guys more exposure this year, cos they certainly deserve it!

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