Corrupt Moral Altar – “Eunoia”

Corrupt Moral Altar – “Eunoia” (

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Continuing the UK’s tradition in producing some of the fiercest bands on the planet comes Corrupt Moral Altar, who feature Napalm Death’s live guitarist John Cooke so that should give you an idea of where they coming from! That said, the screaming vocals of Chris Reese and violent doom noise style of the band lends a lot to early Iron Monkey which definitely works for me, and as such this is a shocking release both in terms of its decibel level as well as the extreme noise crescendo on show here. Hailing from the grim northern city of Liverpool (also famed for producing The Beatles lol!), Corrupt Moral Altar formed in 2012, releasing 2 EPs before landing their debut “Mechanical Tides” in 2014. Compared to those days, “Eunoia” is a lot fiercer and steps up the speed too, as judged by the 13 mean ‘n’ nasty tracks on show here. Despite their city’s social blights of hard drugs, chronic alcoholism, endemic unemployment and outright depression, the material surprisingly isn’t depressive or slow, but rather a justifiably outraged outburst of anger, repressed emotions and frustrations vented out on songs like ‘Destroying Everything You Believe In’, ‘Human Cry’ and ‘Burning Bridges And Burning Homes’. From the aforementioned Reese’s insane screaming frenzy to the dirty, aggressive noise guitars of Cooke and Adam Clarkson, it’s a veritable riot not withstanding the odd tempered moment here n there to add to the oppressive atmosphere – well, I guess you can’t throw petrol bombs all the time ha ha. Brutally bringing up the rear is Oli Turner’s heavy bass and the punk explosive drumming of Tom Dring. Granted there are many angst ridden bands out there, but what sets apart Corrupt Moral Altar besides their credentials are the high quality catchy riffs that mix doom, death, noise and even shoegaze while smashing and drilling into you along with the intelligent song arrangements amid the bombed out barrage. A complete heart attack.

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