CORSAIR “Ghosts Of Proxima Centauri”

“Ghosts Of Proxima Centauri”
(Shadow Kingdom)
I liked CORSAIR the first time I heard them. There was something a bit extra to them that caught my liking. Now that I get to hear even more from them I do it with great anticipation. What if that previous album was just a flux, a lucky strike that they hadn’t matched before and never will again? Now with the re-release of their debut album we get to hear where they came from. There is a doomy 70s feel to CORSAIR that I like. I’m not saying that it was better in the 70s (well I am, actually) but much of today’s music would not be here if it weren’t for those pioneers. CORSAIR seem to have understood that. You can name drop Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus and every obscure 70s hardrock act you can find but truth be told this is still great whatever way you look, no matter how cheesy you might think the 70s sounds in the 10s. Anders Ekdahl

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