Cosmic Reaper – “Cosmic Reaper”

Cosmic Reaper – “Cosmic Reaper” (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Battle Helm Rating
Jeez, how heavy is that bass?!?! Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, this stoner doom band hit a home run on this galactic heavy self-titled debut graced by some fine Southern hospitality by also mixing in some 70s psych and prog. Formed only last year after being conceived in bass player Garrett Garlington’s kitchen, before recording an EP “Demon Dance” in Greensboro, Cosmic Reaper launched into this full-blown release after receiving regional acclaim and success on the live front. With 7 deep and reverberating tracks, they gamely show how a new band can give established oldies a serious run for their money through their impressive composing and measured playing in making your ears bleed through their Richter scale performance! Opening aptly with ‘Hellion’, you gotta wonder just how much fuzz and dirt Garlington can drench his bass in, closely followed by the twin syrup thick guitars of Dillion Prentice and Thad Collins, whose voice trips hypnotically around your mind as the stoner cement mixer shakes everything ecstatically around you, complete with Sabbathy warbles and melancholic doom melodies – awesome. Crushing in grimly on ‘Wasteland II’ as drummer Jeremy Grobsmith (Worry, ex-Matterhorn, ex-Deaf Girls, ex-The Great Redneck Hope) pounds the shit out’ve his kit before an amazing Southern swamp riff bathes you in mud as you bask in the far-out luminescence of Collins’ wailing trance, this impressive psych trip is capped off brilliantly by the green grass love of some Southern bluesy guitar. Ending it all in ‘Infrasonic’, the bass reverb is nothing short of an earthquake, made even more devastating by the droning doom guitars through which Collins’ shamanic soul pierces through the smog heavy veil as Grobsmith delivers his percussion to add just the right differential to this near 7-minute gloom doom trip, leaving its unmistakable mark of who Cosmic Reaper are on this unforgettable debut.
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