CPT KRONOS “The Invocation”

”The Invocation”
(Violent Journey)
I do not know how much comics these Finns have read but CAPTAIN KRONOS is a really cool band name anyway as it is a cool super hero name too. What I wouldn’t give to be the God of time, to have the ability to stop and shift time and with that the power to make people like a band’s music, or something to that effect. As I don’t care about Gods or being them I’ll trust my own judgment on this one. I gotta hand it to the band. The start of this EP pretty much gave away what this is all about. if you like you heavy metal heavy and think that Black Sabbath is the beginning and end of everything you will pretty much think this is crap but for those of us that think that everything that even slightly resembles Black Sabbath is worth checking out or who sadly miss Reverend Bizarre this will do as a really cool EP of heavy 70s heavy metal/hardrock. Anders Ekdahl

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