(Red River Family)

Battle Helm Rating

I can’t seem to remember having ever done or even heard anything by CRAWL. I know that I am familiar with a LEVIATHAN but I am not sure that it is this one. What we have here is a two track split by two bands. CRAWL’s track is a 12 minute trip through the nether regions of hell. Listening to this is like being put through the worst parts of purgatory. This one makes Dante’s levels of hell seem like a summer holiday. Through the sheer heaviness of this track you can almost feel what it most be like to be trapped in eternal damnation. LEVIATHAN’s track is another 12 minutes but of a totally different damnation. This is much more “cheerful” and almost hopeful in contrast. This is still total damnation and full on eternal entrapment in the nether regions. But you can sense a small strip of light somewhere far in the horizon when you listen to this. Two cool tracks that are different yet pertain the same kinda vibe. A really cool spilt. Anders Ekdahl

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