CRAWLING CHAOS “Repellent Gastronomy”

”Repellent Gastronomy”
Italian death metal has not always been my forte. I can’t really remember when I first heard my first Italian death metal band. Since then it has been a number of death metal acts that has come my way. CRAWLING CHAOS being the lastest. I get a very intellectual feeling when I look at the band pictures. Like they are trying too hard. Musically this reminds me of latter day Death mixed with Meshuggah. It got that technical feel to it. Add to that a dose of very guttural death metal and you have an album that will appeal to a whole host of tech death freaks, from Atheist to Death to Meshuggah. I might be better off with an old school death metal album but I am no worse than I can admit that this to has it charm and appeal. Anders Ekdahl

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