CREMATION “Rise Of The Phoenix”

“Rise Of The Phoenix”
With a name that at a quick glance could be mistaken for Crematory CREAMTION don’t have it easy. Or do they? The Crematory that pops up first is the German one that has been around for ages now. But I can think of a Swedish one with called Crematory that CREMATION might be closer to in sound. This is Swiss death metal I’m told. If there is such a thing as Swiss death metal that is. Sound wise this lot has more in common with American bands of the more extreme death metal variety. If you like your death metal heavy and a bit on the tricky side then this will appeal to you. You’ll find no fancy melody lines or clean singing on this. This is pure death through and through. So if you don’t like Swiss chocolate or clocks you might like Swiss death metal the CREMATION way. Anders Ekdahl

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