CRÉPUSCULE d’HIVER “Par-Delá Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres”

“Par-Delá Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres”
(Le Acteurs De l’Ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Every now and then along come a band that triggers memories in me. Not all the time true memories. That was the case with CRÉPUSCULE d’HIVER. I thought I had heard them before I got sent this album but seeing as this is their debut my memory wasn’t correct. But that has been corrected with a first listen to this album. I have always had a good eye towards the French metal scene, ever since the 80s. And there is no reason to change my mind after having heard this one. As always the French bands seem to take a different route compared to bands from other countries. The base is still classic raw black metal played to the highest standard but CRÉPUSCULE d’HIVER add to it to make it even more interesting. This is one album that I will play over and over again. Anders Ekdahl

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