Cretin – “Stranger”


Cretin – “Stranger” (Relapse Records)

Primordial grinding stench core from the bowels of San Jose, California! This is about as ugly as you get – taking the most brutal and bestial from all the extreme styles, Cretin certainly live up to their name as one of the most deranged and twisted bands around now – and all this from two ladies to boot! From the hate filled, raging guitars and insane wailing solos of Elizabeth Schall to transsexual bassist Marissa Martinez-Hoadley’s neanderthal vocals songs like ‘The Beast And The Drowning Bucket‘, ‘Freakery’ and ‘How To Wreck Your Life In Three Days‘ will make any dude’s balls shrivel before the relentless speed freak rhythm of Col Jones and Matt Widener decimates all within Cretin’s blast radius. Despite the deranged noise what is truly disturbing is how the seeming cacophony all comes together perversely on the 14 utterly savage tracks making up this depraved sophomore. This is how the world will end – intelligentsia cast aside, art asunder and beauty bashed in the ultimate triumph of stupidity by Cretin’s deviant metal.

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