CRIMSON BLUE “Innocence”

By some strange coincidence I get sent review stuff from Russian bands by way of a Israeli pr firm. Not that I complain. Metal is universal and I really don’t care where I get sent stuff from. What really matters is if it is any good. CRIMSON BLUE as a name doesn’t give away too much. This could be plain heavy metal, death metal or any other form for metal. I’m not even sure where they come from. I’m not sure if I’d label this goth metal but there are those kind of vibes to it. Perhaps a tad Norwegian like Tristania or Sins Of Thy Beloved. There is that weird twist to this that you find in those two Norwegian band’s music. This isn’t your straight forward goth. Perhaps a tad Atrox too just for good measure. I found myself liking this quite a bit. I need to know more about the band. Anders Ekdahl

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