CRIMSON RAIN “Mankind Is Obsolete”

“Mankind is Obsolete”
With a name like CRIMSON RAIN I see before me a band that has overdosed on the whole goth culture. And not that I complain. I like the whole Goth romanticism as much as any other guy who has read Goethe. For some strange reason I get a Paradise Lost feeling about this album around “Draconian Times” before they went all electro on our asses. That heavy goth metal feeling without being goth metal as we know it today. Musically they might be a step away from Paradise Lost’s harsher approach. Musically this is more metal than I expected. Much heavier than I expected. Not that I complain. I like this approach. There is a feeling of despair and dystopia to this that appeals to me. Music for the oncoming Armageddon perhaps? What I know is that this is one hell of a metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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