Cripper – “Hyëna”


Cripper – “Hyëna” (Metal Blade Records)

Fuckin’ thrash metal from Germany! These guys have gotta be good – they got an umlaut over their album name lol. Heavy chugging ugly thrash riffs a la Hatebreed meets razor sharp Metalli-riffola amidst crowd pleasing shout outs and socially conscious lyrics – so speaks Hannover’s Cripper!! Formed in 2005, they spread their virus throughout Europe on tours with Overkill and Onslaught before playing – several times – at festivals like Summer Breeze, Wacken, Metalfest and Rockharz Open Air. Now heading further afield to 70,000 Tons Of Metal and Brutal Assault festival one can only wonder how long it is before these slavering hunds are seen everywhere as their music is built for live shows, literally composed – sometimes gut shittingly heavy and elsewhere at speed levels close to passing out – to decimate big arenas and mud filled festivals where no doubt songs like ‘Tourniquet’, ‘Bloodshot Monkey Eye‘ and ‘The Jackhammer‘ drive pits into a frenzy. The titles say it all really. Britta Görtz’s vocals straddle death like growling and screaming perfectly – but then she’s a girl so no wonder ha ha – but this lady has it in bunches (like on 7″?  lol – ed) definitely adding the magic touch here on Cripper’s 4th album that is nothing short of a fire storm!

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