CROSSPLANE “High Speed Operation”

“High Speed Operation”
I keep returning to where I started off once upon a time whether I like it or not. Even though extreme metal got me totally hooked in the 80s I can’t seem to shake off that very first meeting with hardrock/heavy metal. Not that I want to. If it wasn’t for that I would not be where I am today. And the fact that I like discovering new good music. As long as it is good I pretty much don’t care what genre it is. What I like about this album is the bluesy edge that the music has. It might bring back memories of the 80s but since I don’t live on nostalgia this is just as good today. The thing I like the most about this album is that it isn’t too polished. There is a dirty edge to it that makes it sound more genuine. This is like if Accept continued with that guy that did “Eat The Rich”, David Reece. Good stuff indeed.

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